Treatment Philosophy

y57My style is non-judgmental and strength-based while aiming to attain positive changes in your life or your child’s life. Together we will identify goals to work on during and in between therapy sessions. We will measure progress towards the goals set every week so you will know when therapy is working.

The modality I use for treating OCD clients has been designed by the International OCD Foundation. Using the most proven effective methods, I treat OCD and other anxiety disorders here locally in Provo, Utah. Treatment includes the Assessment, Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and homework for relapse prevention.

Treatment and what to expect: CBT is a well-established and highly effective treatment for anxiety disorders. It focuses on noticing your thought patterns, behaviors, and feelings associated with anxiety. You will maintain a thought record in order to help you more accurately evaluate situations in your daily life. You will learn to identify your negative thoughts or thinking errors, challenge them, and replace them with alternative, realistic ones. Along with other cognitive interventions, you will learn how to implement mindfulness training, imagery, and behavioral skills to help you cope with anxiety. This is a “being in the present and doing” type of therapy. You can choose to do home assignments in order to learn the skills taught during sessions.


I now know how to overcome fear and anxiety, and live life with taking risks. If you give her a chance, Annabella can help you learn to do this as well. Don’t wait. Take your life back. –B.J.

Thanks to Annabella, I’ve felt a relief that for years I didn’t believe I could have.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending Annabella in the strongest way. –C.T.

Annabella has been a godsend to our family…our daughter’s life has been drastically changed for the better where she now has hope for a promising future. We truly see this as a miracle.  –P. S.

She helped guide me out of the mental hole I was stuck in and back onto the road of life.  –R. A.

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